August 14, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Knowing Primitive Skills
Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead
Primitive Skills

This week Karen Lynn has special guest Larry Roberts, qualified and highly skilled primitive skills show host at Around The  who has attended some of the most advanced Survival classes and he brings such enthusiasm to pushing himself and learning more and more about all of the skills he would need to survive in any situation and shares this information on his you tuber channel and on shows such as Karen Lynn’s as well as on his own show!

Primitive Skills larryshow2Larry is passionate about people trying out their gear even folks like Karen Lynn who might be hesitant or resistant to being uncomfortable initially.  Larry is extremely approachable and always happy to answer any of your survival and preparedness questions.  Larry believes in knowing your wild edibles and also learning your own limitations.  You will enjoy his highly entertaining youtube channel where he pushes himself to new limits, puts some of the most highly touted prepping gear to the test and so much more!

Join Karen Lynn and Larry as they discuss Larry’s background – where he has come from and where he is heading towards.  If you haven’t heard of Larry you might want to make sure to stop in to this show because you will be so glad you did!  Larry’s practical and level headed approach to being prepared no matter who you are and what circumstance you are in as well as his pleasant disposition will win you over!

Come join them in the chat room or call in to talk to Larry directly and get your questions answered first hand.  This is sure to be not only a fun and lively show…it will be chock full of great information that you need to know for the next emergency you face.  Remember it’s not if you face an emergency situation it’s when…

Listen to this broadcast on Knowing Primitive Skills in player below!

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