November 26, 2022


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The Human Path School – what is it all about?

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The Human Path School – what is it all about?
Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path”

Human PathSam Coffman has been teaching survival-related concepts for over 25 years.  Six years ago he founded The Human Path, a school that combines an unbelievably wide breadth of information and is taught by over a dozen instructors with over 200 years of combined military and civilian experience.  The school is founded on vision and principle, and is not your ordinary, run-of-the mill “survival school.”

Human PathSam will discuss the underlying concepts that make this school a smorgasbord of information for the prepper.  The core curriculum is divided into four main paths so that students can choose to specialize, or to be familiar and competent in all of them.  These paths are:  Primitive Engineer, Hunter Gatherer, Combat Medic and Scout.  The skills that these four paths represent, merge into a full team that is capable of surviving and thriving in a post-disaster environment.

Human PathAs another important part of the basis for this school, everything is community and team-based.  Physical skills are of course very important.  The Human Path teaches skills such as: Learning to create sustainable and intentional community, to barter and negotiate, to understand community security, sustainable and forest gardening, practical and herbal medicine, austere medicine, hunting and animal husbandry, logistics, leadership, intelligence gathering, blacksmithing and much more.  However, beyond these skills lies the most important aspect of all in order to be able to survive as a species.  That is the proper attitude that is earth-based in all decisions.

The question underlying all decisions that are made as a school and community is:  “Is this good for our planet and is it good for our species?”
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