November 26, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Google prepare, preparation or prepper and what do you get?

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Lynna 100Have you noticed? While the term prepper might be getting a bit of a slap have you noticed what’s going on?  Take a look at Facebook and the posts appearing on so many walls, type “prepare, preparation or prepper” in your browser, how many hits are you getting.  YES it’s happening; the small grassroots ripple to become better prepared is becoming a wave.  While main stream media still seem to paint this revival of preparedness for living as a bit of a leper the people are embracing the concept. It’s exciting, fun and quite an adventure this life of Power and Peace.  Tune in Sunday for “The Other Side…A Preppers Path” as we share some of the tips and tricks to become prepared that are sweeping the nation. Sunday May 5th and May 12 special guest Rick Austin will be on hand to share how to start your own forest garden.

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