Dave Womach Provides Cover Fire
Dave Womach Provides Cover Fire

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Contact 12 o’clock, 200 yards!  Alpha team move up!  Bravo team, why the hell isn’t your weapon up?  Get those guns talking boys!  Let ‘em have it!  *BOOM*

Those words reverberate through my mind like the echo of a 50 cal over an open desert.  Bouncing around in my head, reminding me of the successes and failures of my recent training.  Forcing me to reflect on my experiences through the tone of a gentle ringing in my ears, and the faint glow of Night-Vision-Green inside my mind.

So let’s get past the fancy words, and straight to the truth. 
If you’re a prepper, you’re going to die when SHTF.
  That’s it.  Clear and simple.  You’ll be providing thousands of dollars of brand new gear, albeit blood stained, to people who out-trained you.  If you’re serious about preparing for societal collapse, social unrest, or tyrannical government, then do your family a favor and get serious about training, NOW!

I’ve spent countless hours working on Travis Haley’s speed reloads, tactical reloads, and admin reloads.  I’ve run the Viking Tactics 9-hole drills ad nauseam… yet I got effin’ schooled doing it with night vision.

The mistake that most preppers make is gear.  We all buy it, we all stash it away, yet most people fail to train with it.  And I don’t mean take it to the range and plink at paper targets covered with images of Zombies and men from the late 50′s with a revolver… I mean train!  Does your gear fit?  Does it function?  Can you manipulate it all with a blindfold sealed over your eyes and gloves on your hands?  Have you ever even mounted your NVG (Night Vision Goggle/Monocular) to your helmet or head and walked around your house?

Are you fat?  Get to the gym and lose the weight.  Is your gun sighted in?  Get the the range and site it in.  The number one thing that preppers need to do is get out and prepare themselves and their minds… and that’s just what we did.  Particularly if you want to get in shape, hit the range with a combat vet. I’m the kind of person who isn’t content with learning from “teachers.”  Teachers teach because they can’t do.  And before you get upset, think about this for a second… Why spend money to go learn from a financial adviser?  If they were so good, they wouldn’t have a job, they’d be rich and retired… so why trust them?  Warriors like Travis Haley and others are who you need to listen to, not just the guy at the range who claims this or that.  Far too many people say, “I was in the military,” but the truth is that most of the ranger Joes out there never saw combat.

Harry Golden Picture by Daniel Kuykendall
Harry Golden
Picture by Daniel Kuykendall

To find a teacher worth a damn, you need to find someone who has DONE it, and not just thought about applying a theory.  Meet Harry Golden.  He’s a hardened combat vet.  Prior enlisted 1st Lieutenant Calvary Scout.  He was deployed in Ramadi Iraq and the 1st Gulf War.  Harry served for 12 years & 3 deployments, and learned from applying the knowledge in real life, and being forced to perform reloads off of the dead and wounded while having more than 2,000 rounds sent his way and being outnumbered 10 to 1.  It’s people like this that you need to learn from.

The wisdom, the insight, and the real world knowledge of what works and what doesn’t is what will save my life.  What will save yours?  I’m constantly training, are you?

I’ve contacted Harry in the past, and worked on various skills prior to this training session with him.  But this was when it got really fun.  Hitting the range at night, with a team, and running IMT’s, Reflexive Fire, 9-hole drills, and much, much more!

My brother and I dawned our multicam, NVG’s, and weapons, and hit the range.  I won’t give it all away here, because we’re in the process of editing our experience together so you can learn from our screw ups, and our wins to see what it’s really like.  Discover through our mistakes, so you can avoid them when the time comes to thrown down the hammer.

So stay tuned for more from The Prepper Project, as we roll out with our NVG Training so you too can “Own The Night.”

Have you ever imagined being on the front-lines with elite special forces on a night vision raid?  Join us Monday to hear about my first hand training in the art of NIGHT VISION.  Learn tips, tricks, and tactics from the special forces of America. 

Whether you own night vision equipment or are simply thinking about getting it, join us for an amazing show.  We’ll answer your questions, as well as share the heart pounding action of conducting a night vision raid without the use of stereoscopic vision, or the ability to see in 3D.  Tune in to The Gun Show and find out for yourself why our special forces owned the night.

We’ll be releasing video footage from the training, so stay tuned to find out where you can find this incredible, rarely seen, Night Vision Training so you can be ready to defend your home when the SHTF.

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