July 3, 2022


Self reliance and independence

False Flags and what do they mean to us?
DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia

4-6-16 false flagsWhen we talk about false flags many things come to mind from historically speaking to what we think of today. * from wiki* the contemporary term, false flag which describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.

Many things have happened that some call a false flag and while it is common knowledge that this sort of covert events do happen it is tough to decide if something is a true event or a false flag these days.

This week I want to talk about some of the things to look for and be aware of before packing up the family in your trusty BOV (aka…Bug out Vehicle) and head for the good ole BOL (yep you guessed it ….Bug out Location).

4-6-16 bovIt is a great idea to practice these drills and sometimes you might jump the gun and end up camping for a few days. But hey, it is good practice right? That is unless you are Grabbing the BOB, packing up the family in the good ole’ BOV and headed to the BOL three times per week.

4-6-16 oh noHow do we differentiate if something is a true event that would cause us to head for the hills or if it is simply another screaming siren off in the distance? There are some things that would coincide with real incidents that you will want to look for or steps you can take to determine if you are ok to stay put. But more importantly is to know what to do until you do KNOW.

With so much happening on the world stage it is important to stay aware but also just as important not to jump at every event we see on the news..
Up Next Week: All those darned acronyms!
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