December 8, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Escape and Evasion Part 2 – On the road
Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path

Escape TeachingThis week, Sam Coffman continues this 2-part series about the bugout.  Once you have packed your bags, figured out where and how you are traveling, and have made the decision to leave, what are all of the issues on the road that you should be prepared for?

This week will wrap up the 2-part podcast series on bugging out, with enough information to give you some idea of how to realistically plan for a full bugout scenario from point A to point B, and all of the possible issues that could arise during this time where you are most susceptible to security and survival challenges.

In this week’s podcast, Sam discusses such topics as:

  • Urban and rural cache points – how to choose them, how to pack up a cache, emplace it and map it for later.
  • Understanding primary and alternate routes, and giving yourself true flexibility to move be7-8 Survival-Evasion-Resistance-and-Escape-1tween them
  • Realistic goals for the amount of time and effort it takes to travel by foot
  • Shelter and picking your overnight spots
  • The importance of rally points
  • Planning for water and food enroute
  • Night vs. daytime travel
  • Skirting urban areas and timing
  • Developing your “story,” and understanding the importance of being that persona without overdoing it
  • What are your best forms of currency?
  • The importance of duress and panic passphrases

Join Sam as he addresses some of the most crucial points to consider in your own thorough bugout plan, from equipment and packing, to movement and security, food and water, shelter and rest.
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