December 5, 2022


Self reliance and independence

On this show of the Homestead Honey Hour, Noreen will be taking the wheel and bringing on a heavy topic.  Have you been paying attention?  Our world is turning topsy turvy.  From turmoil in the middle east to trouble on the home front, we are facing trying times here in America and across the world.   You cannot deny that the global and domestic economy is moving like a listing ship.  With unemployment at an all time high, gas prices and food prices going sky high, we are facing what could be the most drastic economic outlook in history.  How are we going to deal with it?
As preppers and homesteaders, we feel like we are ready for anything.  But are we?  Are we mentally ready to face what we may see happening to our family friends and neighbors?  Lets take an hour to chat about the current climate.  Lets talk about the urgency that I know many people are feeling.  Lets share how we think we will deal with things.  Together we do anything, no matter how hard times may become.  Sharing our skills and abilities is important. Creating our own “colony” will be important to do in the time leading up to a prospective collapse.  How do we do that?  I am sure I don’t have all the answers, however together I am certain we can figure it out!
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