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How to Create a Family Preparedness-Emergency Plan!

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How to Create a Family Preparedness-Emergency Plan

How to Create a Family Preparedness-Emergency PlanThe US witnessed one of the worst hurricane seasons in hundreds of years, and that was on top of the countrywide flooding and storms that inflicted parts of the country into panic. These kinds of weather situations aren’t uncommon and are happening around the world at an increasing rate.

As conditions and freak scenarios are becoming more and more common, more and more people are turning their attention to creating emergency plans. How well prepared do you think your family is in the event that a natural disaster strikes? If you think you should and could be better prepared, here’s how to create a preparedness emergency plan for your family.

Preparing Emergency Supplies

The first thing you’ll want to be aware of is the fact that you’ll need supplies. If a natural disaster strikes, this can cause disruptions to supply chains and food, and water can become an essential resource.

By stashing some supplies in your house or a safe location, you can be sure that you’ll have food and drink when you need it most. Within this stash, you’ll want to think about long-life foods such as bottled water, no-salt items, cans (with a can opener) and essentials such as toilet paper and spare clothes.

“You’ll also want to consider the time of year and how things like temperature will affect you if there’s no power. This means you might want to store blankets and hand warmers which can help you minimize the risk of getting ill” – explains Antonio Lewis, at Emergency Management Specialist at Academized.

Consider Medical Supplies

If a natural disaster occurs, it can take you completely off guard. This means injuries might take place and depend on how bad the disaster is, medical assistance may not be able to meet you quickly. In a situation like this, you’re going to be glad that you stored medical supplies.

Most importantly, you’re going to want to stock up on medicine that your health relies on. Next, you’ll want to focus on allergy medication or anything that treats you from things that could be life-threatening. Finally, you’ll want to focus on supplies that will look after you in the case of injuries, such as bandages and glasses.

Being Specifically Prepared

Lake County, TN, May 20, 2011 — Sandbags helped save this home.

Natural disasters can come in all kinds of unique forms, i.e. floods, hurricanes, storms, tsunamis and fires. Within your emergency preparedness plan, you’ll need to plan for these eventualities. For example, for each situation, you’ll want to plan an emergency evacuation route that can get you to safety.

You’ll also want to get involved in planning the details. Amanda Kelso, a Psychology writer at Ukwritings says: “The more details you include, the more comprehensive your plan will be. For example, you’ll what to think about how you will shut off utilities in the event of a tornado, or how you’ll communicate with the rest of your family if phones are unusable”.

Additionally, you’ll want to create a plan depending on your personal situation. For example, you might have a member of your family with special needs that will need accommodations to be made.

Creating Roles for Family Members

Now that your plan and supplies are in order, it’s time to start delegating roles to your family members. “In the case of an emergency, everybody should know what their jobs are, so there’s no messing around when an emergency strikes. For example, who is going to deal with the pets, who is going to handle the utilities and how is going to look after the children” – comments Rosanne Pilkington, an Emergency Preparedness Coordinator at Bestbritishessays.


As you can see, there are many considerations that go into making an emergency preparedness plan for your family. The main thing to remember is to include as much detail as you can so when SHTF, everybody knows what they need to do so you can maintain order and a high level of support.

Gloria Kopp is a Human Resources Manager at Essayroo. She is writing Studydemic educational and review blog for students and is a writing expert at The Tab and Australian Help blogs.

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