October 3, 2022


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The Cart Before the Horse – Stocking up #4

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The Cart Before the Horse – Stocking up #4
Host: Lynna “The Other Side A Preppers Path

CartThe cart is fully loaded the horse is ready to go, but we can’t turn a wheel or budge the load and the dang horse keeps rearing up… what the heck???? Pretty silly you say, move the horse to the front hook ‘em up and get a move on. Sounds simple enough BUT in our exuberance to get on our way our steps get confused and mixed up, costing us time, money and patience as well as anxiety!

1-5 planGetting the cart before the horse is usually costly whatever we are doing when we get it backwards, but in getting prepared it can make all the difference in being ready and not! Surviving or Not! As we travel down our road to preparedness this month with our Stocking Up Series this Sunday we’ll take a look at getting the cart before the horse and how we can make sure we don’t take that detour.

1-5 thCH03MLZOWe are all encouraged to take three simple steps to get prepared before a disaster strikes: get a kit, make a plan, and be informed. One of the great things about this advice is that there is not getting the cart before the horse, it doesn’t really matter whether you get the kit first or the plan or you become informed first, as long as you do all three while completing your course of action, ultimately becoming prepared for a disaster and eventually living a life of peace and power every day.

1-5 th3LLG2JYMIt’s often easy to tell someone how to do something, after all it’s my day job to tell someone where to go and sometimes how.. (cough cough) that was a joke. But in reality being told get a kit, make a plan and get informed is easier said than done. Join in Jan. 5th for tips on actually doing it all and keeping that horse in front of the cart.

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