August 4, 2021


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Camo, your gun’s best friend!

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Camo, your gun’s best friend!
Host: Dave Womack “The Gun Show”

CamoRecently, a friend of mine, Tire Iron, wrote an article about the importance of camo on your gun. You camo yourself, so why don’t you camo your gun?
Anyone that carries a gun, the concealed carry holder, those that keep a firearm for home defense, to those in the armed services should be aware of Target Indicators and recognize if they are violating any of them, and be able to identify the bad guys when they violate them.
The first Target Indicator we will explore is SHAPE. Nearly everything that is man made looks different than things that were made by nature. Nature *rarely* creates anything in straight lines, or right angles, or true cylinders. Here is an example of a SHAPE violation.

CamoThere is obviously nothing made by mother nature that looks like an AK, an AR or any other military assault rifle (or any of the civilian equivalent clones). We know they are man made and they are target indicators. We want to eliminate that for ourselves (painting works well) – and we hope our enemy keeps his rifles “black”. Note that even portions of the firearm are target indicators – it doesn’t take the whole thing. Just the upper barrel as it is sticking up above a wall or a vehicle can be a SHAPE violation. Notice that anyone can tell what is hiding behind that vehicle – someone with a rifle. TARGET INDICATOR.

CamoNote that be simply painting the longarm it disguises the shape to large degree. Some people think that you should only paint your rifle if you use it out in the woods, or desert or something. However notice how well a painted rifle’s shape is disguised when in a cement “urban” background. That is why I paint all my rifles. It reduces the Target Indicator potential.

CamoIt is not just our tools that can violate the SHAPE target indicator characteristic.
Our face and head can be huge violator too. The SHAPE of the human head and face is very distinctive. Therefore we need to be aware of that and if the situation warrants it, we need to do something to mitigate the fact that our face can give us away.
One of the simplest things to do is to wear a boonie or floppy hat. The wide floppy brim helps break up the shape of the head. Adding a mosquito net disguises the shape even further. The Israeli’s have taken that one better and use a large floppy camo net on the helmet that totally disguises the shape of the head and helmet.

CamoCamo face paint can also be used to good effect in breaking up the shape of the human face. Be sure to adhere to the proper principles of applying camo face paint. It isn’t necessary to look like a tree, it IS necessary to “flatten” the face. This is accomplished by putting lighter camo paint around the eyes and other areas that are sunk in, and putting darker colors on the nose and eyebrows and other areas that stick out. By doing this it will flatten the face and help disguise it.
Or, you can simply send your gun to Black Ice Coatings, and have water transfer printing done. Today, on The Gun Show, we’ll be talking with Lee about all the things YOU need to know, to camo your gun, for cheap.

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