August 9, 2022


Self reliance and independence

After the Bombs
Host: Jacqueline Druga “Apocalypse Nana

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Click Here & Nuke A City… Are You Safe

Since the very first detonation of a nuclear weapon the world has been besieged with a certain fear. And rightfully so. Despite tests and even eye witness testimony along with what has been learned through Hiroshima and Nagasaki, for decades society has had a misguided view of preparation.

From Duck and Cover ( ) to the civil Defense pamphlets ( ), the American people were programmed to believe that scoot under a desk or fix up your basement, an all will be fine after nuclear war.

Bombs 3 duckIn a sense, back then, this was partly true. In 1950 there were 304 nuclear weapons on the face of the earth. The blast power equal to that of Hiroshima. A square mile of damage. Survivable.

But as the arsenals grew so did the strength of the bombs. No longer would students three miles away be safe under a desk if a bomb hit. As decades moved on and nuclear arsenals were dismantled we as a society became complacent in the fact that we should no longer fear nuclear annihilation. As long as there are nuclear weapons and man men willing to use them, we will always have that threat.

So how do we survive? Prepare?

This week on Apocalypse Nana

Bombs prepperchicksLori Felgenhaur Caraballo of the famed Prepper Chicks will be joining us. Lori is versed on many angles of survival. She is smart, trains in firearms, and hosts her own survival show. She will be bringing some savvy survival questions to our show. See where you the listener fall on the opinions. With Lori or ….

Our other guest is Author and musician, Lane Adamson. Lane is a Texas writer, poet, and editor with a short temper and a shorter attention span. He lives, loves, and works in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with his lovely and patient wife, along with an assortment of guitars and neuroses.

When askeBombs lanesbookd about his survival skills, Lane said, “I am the anti-prepper. I don’t have a doomsday plan, or even much of an emergency plan (other than, “hide in the hall closet if there’s a tornado”).”

Prepare not only for fun informative facts on nuclear weapons and survival, but also for a fun show. Join us in chat and call in.

In the meantime, while you are waiting for the show, check out what a nuclear weapon can do to your own city. It is a fun, interactive website. Go ahead, bombs away. NUKE MAP WEBSITE – HERE!

Have a great idea for a survival question for our guests? Join us for chat, call in or submit your question ahead of time to

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