March 3, 2021


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9 Every Day Carry Items You May Have Missed

Every Day Carry bauer-bag_2A lot of preppers consider their everyday carry kit (EDC kit) to be more important than any bug out bag, get home bag or any other type of bag that’s hot right now. Reason? The items that are on their person at all times are the ones that are going to matter most when disaster strikes. In fact, your EDC items are here to help you get to your bug out bag, your get home bag, your car’s bug out bag or any other bag you may have assembled.

I’m not going to give you the EDC 101 or which edc bag to get. Instead, I want to focus my attention on a few items that are excellent for everyday carry, yet sometimes overlooked by a lot of folks.

Every Day Carry#1. A mini-first aid kit

Mini first aid kits are excellent for minor first aid situations. They’re small, cheap and you never know when you might need a bandage to patch a minor bruise. They fit nicely inside purses, messenger bags, laptop bags or even cargo pants pockets.

#2. As many survival PDFs and blog articles you can find

Few preppers consider their phone’s memory to store survival information. You can fit hundreds of eBooks in there, no one will ever know about them and the best part is, there’s no extra weight to burden you.

Every Day Carry#3. A hand crank flashlight

Since you’ll only use it for shorts periods of time, getting one that doesn’t need batteries makes a lot of sense. Imagine chaos unfolding around you when you realize your flashlight’s battery and you’re left in the dark. With the hand-crank type you never have to worry about that.

#4. Something you truly love

A photo of your kids, a small cross… whatever gives you power to move on. You’re gonna need to stay focused when bullets start flying and people are running around screaming.

Every Day Carry#5. An emergency blanket

When they hear the word “blanket”, people immediately think about something big and bulky that could never be a part of their EDC kit. I beg to differ. A Mylar emergency blanket is not only dirt-cheap but also small and lightweight. Of course, it’s no substitute for a tent but could provide you with a temporary shelter until you’re able to find something more permanent or get home.

#6. A Jeweler’s loupe

Do you absolutely need one? No, but in a critical situation, finding small things on the ground may prove to be useful.

Every Day Carry#7. Compact binoculars or a monocular

This could prove to be very useful in a riot when you want to take a certain route back home, only you can’t see very well what’s happening there. A monocular is another great choice because it’s lighter and easier to conceal.

#8. A sewing kit

Quickly fixing ripped clothes is the first thing that always comes to my mind when I write about sewing kits but you can find plenty of other uses.

Every Day Carry#9. A (few) magnet(s)

You can use them, for example, to retrieve your keys in case they fall into inaccessible places or to secure certain items. The only thing to remember is to keep your magnet them away from your phone, credit card and other devices that might get damaged.

Well, those were it. I think you’ll agree that you’ll have not trouble hiding the above items inside your purse, pockets or laptop bag. The first rule of your EDC is that no one has to know you have it! Also, these items are dirt-cheap, so I don’t see any reason why you should postpone getting them. Good luck!

Author: Dan Sullivan Survival Sullivan


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