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7 Comfort Foods You Need to Stockpile Right Now

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7 Comfort Foods You Need to Stockpile Right Now!

Comfort Foods 5-bear-gryllsI’m just gonna go ahead and say it: comfort foods should not be stored for your own comfort only. They make excellent post-collapse bartering items. Most of them require no cooking, only a good storage place. The only thing you need to consider is the shelf life. In what follows, I’m going to give you 7 excellent items with great shelf-life as well as tips on how to store and cook them.

When you think about it, you’ve only got two options to make your post-SHTF life more enjoyable: to eat or drink something good or to do various activities to kill time.

#1. Alcohol
Comfort Foods 4686-000-275x350Alcohol is going to be the #1 item to help you drown your sorrows. If you ask me, it is going to be one of the hottest bartering items out there. People are gonna choose a bottle of jack over a roll of toilet paper any day, trust me.

And if that’s not enough, consider its value in the medical field as a cheap disinfectant. Anything that’s over 40% can be used to disinfect wounds (the higher the alcohol percentage, the longer the shelf life). Speaking of which, spirits of over 20% nave virtually no expiration date. So wine, whisky, vodka and rum are all viable options when it comes to your SHTF comfort foods stockpile.

Comfort Foods camping-with-beerBut what about beer? Beer is tough to store for a long time. It would need to be stored in a dark cool place and have a high alcohol intake. Otherwise, it will go bad at one point.
Of course, if you love beer then you can just rotate your beer stockpile really often, if you know what I mean. This way, when disaster strikes, you can rest assured that your current supply is relatively fresh and will last you for 6-9 months.

#2. Walnuts

Comfort Foods walnuts-contain-most-healthy-antioxidants_283As a kid, one of the highlights of living with my grandparents was the day we would each go outside with a long stick to shake our two walnut trees. The nuts you eat right after you pick them taste way better than the ones you store and eat a few months away, during winter. Nevertheless, the shelf life of properly stored walnuts is one year.

#3. Popcorn

Comfort Foods Popcorn_Kernels_by_FantasyStockWord of advice: do it the old fashioned way by grilling real popcorn kernels. Microwave popcorn is full of partially hydrogenated oils and preservatives, anyway. Kernels, on the other hand, have an indefinite shelf life as long as you store them properly (in a container with a tight lid placed in a – you guessed it – cool dark place).

#4. Cocoa powder

Comfort Foods Cocoa-Powder1I’m not saying you shouldn’t stockpile chocolate but keep in mind that it won’t last nearly as long. 6-8 months TOPS when you store it in the freezer versus 2+ years for cocoa powder.
Tip: from a shelf-life perspective, storing the ingredients of something is way better than storing the actual food.

#5. Honey

Comfort Foods you didn’t know by now that honey has an indefinite shelf-life, I’m happy to be the one who bring the good news. You don’t need to refrigerate it, just keep it in a cool dark place. The only thing that can and will happen is that it will become cloudy (which is a process called crystallization which is perfectly safe to eat).

#6. Peanut butter

Unopened peanut butter has a shelf life of about a year but I have a feeling you’re gonna rotate it a lot more often. 🙂

#7. Candy

Comfort Foods candy1The one thing you need to be careful before deciding to store candy is, again, shelf life. Bubble gum, for example, lasts about 2 months (think Orbit, for example) while gum candy can last up to a year. You really want to check the label before making a purchase. Oh, and think of a really good hiding place, otherwise you’ll have to deal with your stockpile getting “ransacked” by your kids.

Well, that was it. You now have 7 great options to make you temporarily forget of all the beans and rice you’ll be forced to eat every day. Can you think of more?

Author: Dan F. Sullivan
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