3 Emergency Survival Tips!

12-21-15 katrinaThere are many types of natural disasters in the world today. There are hurricanes, tidal waves, bush fires and floods. Most of these emergency disasters manifest themselves when you least expect them. Their effects can change lives and even kill people in the hundreds of thousands. If you are prepared for the event before it happens, there is a far greater chance that you and your family will be able to weather it out (no pun intended) and be safe and sound at the end of it all.

Whether you buy gold for prepping or food supplies to stockpile on,
there are going to be many ways you can prepare for impending disaster and not appear to be a doomsday nut to your neighbors. Here are a few useful tips you can follow to ensure that you are prepared for natural disasters and their aftermath:

Have breakout tools

If your region is prone to floods, make 12-21-15 emergency floodsure your home has the equipment necessary to deal with this on hand at all times. This includes an axe to clear out any obstacles as well as life vests and preservers for emergency situations. In hurricanes and major storms, people can get trapped in their homes. The rising water levels will then gradually reduce your breathing space until it runs out and you drown. With an axe in hand, you will be able to cut your way to the roof of your home and stay safe, high and dry until rescue comes for you.

Water will save your life

Water is one of the most important survival items that you can have. It is integral to your survival and your life. While you could live for days, and even weeks, without food, you wouldn’t last three days without water. If it is a hot climate, you will die in a day or two. Make sure that you have a gallon of water per day for every person in your family unit set aside, for at least three days. This is a lot of water, but it will definitely pay off when the going gets tough.

The minimum amount of water needed for a person to live during a normal day is about 1 quart. This means that there can be no physical activity either. You will still feel dehydrated, but in reality you will be at the very edge of that cliff looking over. Remember that during natural disasters like landslides and storms, water supplies can be contaminated and become undrinkable. You will be thankful for the disaster storage tank of water you have in your attic then.

Get a portable filter

Homespun 150x1501In order to ensure that you can have water to drink even after your supply of stored drinking water is over, get a water filter for your home. There are natural water filters that use layers of sediment and rock in order to purify contaminated water and make it good for drinking. While it won’t be as good as boiled and treated water, it will provide a low-toxicity supply of drinking water indefinitely. In addition to this, if you stock up on chemicals to purify water, you are going to be good to go for a few weeks if you want to.

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