July 2, 2022


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What are your EDC Gadgets?

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What is your EDC Gadgets?
Highlander “Tech Preps

What are your EDC Gadgets?This episode I will talk about edc gadgets, what is your favorite edc? We all look at bug out bags, or get home bags, but what about our edc? We use edc items more than any other thing we own, so why not make it practical and useful? For those of you who do not know what EDC is it means every day carry IE the items we carry with us on a day to day basis that helps us out, our tools, our gear, and our communication devices. What do you carry?

What are your EDC Gadgets?We will explorer what I personally carry, and suggestions of what you should carry or suggestions that might make you say hey I should carry that! If you watched last episode then you know we talked about flashlights, well this is one of my everyday carry items, I do believe you cannot and should not go anywhere without a good flash light, they are light weight, and great to have on you at all times.

9-28-15 downloadIf you know me you know I am a knife nut, I also believe a good knife or “knives” are a must for everyday carry not only for defense but for utility. I will talk about a few good options for a budget prepper and a few good options for those that have the extra cash. I will also talk about multitools and what you should look for and what you should avoid. There are many good ones and many bad ones out there, I will give you my personal experience and try to give your ideas so you can make your decision if you have not already.

We will also take a look at a little tool that many of you might not have seen before, they go by many names, but I will call them a shard, they are little tiny key chain tools that have a ton of uses, I will talk about them and give you links and ideas to see if one might fit your edc. Stay tuned we will talk about a lot of edc stuff on this show so sit back, relax, and enjoy, and remember to come to chat and ask questions or call in!

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