July 3, 2022


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What the U.S. looks like in another World War!

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What the U.S. looks like in another World War!
Host: David Jones “Prepping Up with the Jones “Audio player provided!

What the U.S. looks like in another World War!On this episode Dave finishes up Small Group Tactical Movement and tells why it is important to have a wide up watch when you are on a movement. He talks about why you should have a running password and when it is used. Dave talks about the items you should take with you on every type of move previously discussed. As always Dave  answers the questions you have from any of his shows and take any suggestions for future shows.

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This show is about what you can expect if the US is in another World War. We can draw some comparison to the last time this country sent fighters all over the world to stop three countries known as the Axis Powers. Dave looks at the similarities and the differences in the War that saw the US in a total military mobilization. He examines what life would look like here in the US and what it would take to win a conflict like this today.

What would the draft be like today and what would the US look like with almost 10% of the population in the service. Dave talks about some preps that should be considered now because of shortages that happen during the last world conflict. What common items were rationed then and could be rationed again. What is the one thing you can always trade even if you have nothing at all to trade with?

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