March 3, 2021


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The quality of knives and outdoor gear!

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The quality of knives and outdoor gear!
Josh “7 P’s of Survival

knivesTonight’s Show is all about knives! We will have James Wahls from Indy Hammered Knives (  on the show to talk about some of his great knives and outdoor gear. We will be covering his knife making process, material selection, how he got into the knife making business, how his time working at Self Reliance Outfitters influenced his business methods, spotlighting several of his high quality and innovative products that I highly recommend and his future plans.

knivesIndy Hammered Knives not only puts out some of the best products on the market but they also give back to those less fortunate in the community: Every wool blanket they sell they purchase and donate a matching wool blanket to someone who is homeless or in need. They plan to employ people that might not otherwise have a chance to find meaningful and rewarding employment as they grow. The company also gives back to customers as each week they give away a knife to one of the customers who bought a knife the preceding week. The company also states that 10% of the profits will always go to God first and anytime we can assist someone with finding secure housing that needs it, we will assist.

Indy Hammered Knives is a place where things are made with value, with our hands and the talent that God gave us. Each knife is hand crafted from start to finish…..from the forge to the grinder, each is hammered, shaped and the edge is ever so perfectly hand ground to reach the sharpest edge a knife can have. The handles are expertly shaped, of course, by hand bringing out the delicate and beautiful details of the material used that often times gets lost in mainstream manufacturing of knives. I will briefly cover some of the steps it took to make the knife you are currently holding.

So what are some of those great products that Indy Hammered Knives puts out that I love so much?

knivesThe Ultimate Compact Leather Survival Kit ( This mini survival kit is the closest thing on the market to my pocket 10 C’s kit (see more information here- This kit retails for less than $65.00 USD and has nearly everything you will need to survive long-term in a woodland environment. I haven’t got to test this kit out but it has a lot of high quality gear in it that collectively would cost much more than the price offered here.

7-14-15 21862 Inspired Leather Bed Roll Harness, Wool Blanket Combo ( If you read my review of this blanket roll combo (Read it here-  you know that I love this product and now that it is just $99.00 USD why are you even waiting to buy this thing? Click on the link above and buy without reservations, this is a bomb-proof piece of gear!

7-14-15 3The Bush Cleaver ( I just got one of these knives a couple weeks ago and have been working on a review ever since. This knife has exceeded my expectations with every test and honestly this knife is a functional piece of art! The knife I have also has an additional function built into the knife in the form of pace beads (each bead was hand crafted in their shop) which takes the value of this knife to a whole new level. All of James knives are all 100% handmade and I assure you they will take your breath away coming out of the box, even the sheath looks better than all of my other sheaths! Read review HERE!

7-14-15 4The “Diamondback” Straight Razor ( While I haven’t got a chance to see this product in-person all I can say is wow does it look sexy! In today’s society where we are all about quick and easy it takes an outdoorsman to appreciate a great blade to shave with and this without a doubt will last you a lifetime. In so many ways all of our gear is a throwback to the golden age of camping, why not buy a razor that will last a life-time instead of 5 or 10 electric razors or thousands of disposable razors.  I never really thought about getting a straight razor before but this knife is calling to me and at less than $100.00 USD it is a steal compared to its alternatives!

7-14-15 5Custom Handled 1/2″x6″ Ferrocerium Rod ( Whenever you order your custom knife be sure to add a custom handled ferrocerium rod to your order to compliment your knife. These ferro rods are the perfect size for self reliance and if you’re in the woods a great deal will easily last and entire season, if you use it sparingly then you could get years of service out of this ferro rod.

So bring all of your knife making and product questions into chat or feel free to call into the show as we would love to hear from each of you! This week’s survival skills challenge will be in the area of fire craft, be sure to tune in live to learn more and be among the first to see the video for the week!
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