March 3, 2021


Self reliance and independence

The belt knife!
Josh “7P’s of Survival

belt knifeI have talked about knives on this show probably more than any other subject and yet it is almost always about a specific brand of knives. On this episode I decided to go in a different direction with a familiar topic and talk about how to go about selecting your belt knife. I have written several articles on this topic and one in particular I talk about the ten elements that I ensure a belt knife will have if it is going to be a one tool option.

For a long-term Survival/Self-Reliance Knife I look for the following options:

1) Fits your hand comfortably in all positions;
2) Manageable and effective blade length;
3) Solid/Flat Pommel;
4) One Cutting Edge with no serrations;
5) 90 degree edge on spine;
6) High Carbon Steel;
7) Sharp/Spear Point;
8) Heavy duty sheath with ferro rod loop;
9) Thick enough to withstand prolonged abuse;
10) Fixed blade with full or nearly full tang blade.

belt knifeNow let’s take a step back from that…. The first step in selecting a knife is making the determination of #1 how much you’re willing to spend and #2 what functions you plan to use the knife. So you only want to spend a small amount but want an all-around utility knife? Well, there are many options out there and we will talk about some of those. So what if you want a do it all knife but could care less about batoning you can always go for a leatherman, if you want a fighting knife they make a knife for that… So knowing exactly what your tool to do and do well is essential to getting the most out of your purchase regardless of how much you want to spend.

Throughout this show I walk through a potential knife purchases for various tasks and at different price points and what I would most likely purchase in that scenario. As always I welcome your questions and comments and would be glad to provide a little advice if you’re in the middle of a knife selection.
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