February 25, 2021


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Survival and bug-out gear multi-tiered survival!

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Survival and bug-out gear multi-tiered survival set up.
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Survival and bug-out gear multi-tiered survivalDrawing from hard-won experiences our Spec Ops Teams have learned on the battlefield, this week we’re going to discuss single person, Multi-level Survival and Bug-Out Systems. This time we’re going to talk about how to transform your survival and bug-out gear into a multi-tiered survival set up.

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When headed “down Range”, SEALs and other Spec Ops will often separate their kit into multiple categories, usually 3. Their 1st Level Kit will usually include everything they need to stay alive for 24 hours. Items such as Pistol and Pistol Mags, multitool and belt knife, BDUs, undies, boots, headwear, sunglasses, a watch with small clip-on compass, maps of the operational area, 2 firestarter options, some sort of water purification kit, possibly some cordage wrapped around their knife or sheath, etc.

Then they have the 2nd Level and 3rd Level equipment sets. The 2nd and 3rd Levels consist of other types of gear, some of which overlaps the 1st Level for the sake of redundancy, and some of it does not. But because they are soldiers, their operational equipment will differ from ours in some ways. Despite the fact that their kit could differ from ours, the concept and doctrine does not. We will learn alot of lessons from their gear, how they carry it while “on the job”, and how they deploy with it. The Gunmetal Armory will be digging deeper in to the equipment, the how’s, and the whys.

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