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Where should I find supplies in a SHTF scenario?

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Where should I find supplies in a SHTF scenario?

Where should I find supplies in a SHTF scenario?Once SHTF, things will go south in a hurry. Whatever the disaster is, we should expect grocery stores to be robbed, mobs to form, homes to be raided, any many available supplies taken.

It is not a fantasy situation to imagine that gangs will go from neighborhood to neighborhood in search of life giving food and water.

Since many common ways of getting supplies (such as grocery or drug stores) will be destroyed, we must begin to look for alternative ways of finding, collecting, and storing supplies in a SHTF situation.

Of course, the best solution is for you to already have your own food, water, tools, and materials stored up and have a way to defend them from hostile invaders, but that is not always the reality. Even though most supermarkets, drug stores, and other places where we are used to grabbing what we need will be looted, there are still many places you can search for supplies.

Small Towns: Small towns with populations of less than 1000 people (those kinds of towns with only one red light!) may be less affected by some SHTF scenarios. These types of communities are those where everyone knows everyone and most people have good relationships with one another. They are the Mayberrys of the modern world.

In these Mayberry towns, you can expect less looting to occur if for no other reason than because these towns are so far outside of society. You may be able to build relationships with people in these towns to the point where they will share with you and accept you as one of their own if the world gets bad.

Either way, you can expect these tiny, off the map towns to be gold mines of food, water, and other supplies.

Useless Facilities: Another place to find supplies in an SHTF scenario is in buildings that used to be useful and helpful, but are now left abandoned. Schools, office buildings, and warehouses may all have vending machines that might have been overlooked. These buildings will almost certainly have wood and metal that you can collect and use for your own purposes.

A good reminder is to go where others are not going during a SHTF scenario. If you’re looking for supplies, you want to avoid the crowd, not follow it. Try to find abandoned buildings that may have tools that you can use or manipulate into something you want.

The Wilderness: Finally, you will almost definitely be able to find most if not all the supplies you need out in the wilderness. Yes, it is difficult and yes, it requires a lot of skill to do, but surviving using only your knowledge and talents in the wild is a valuable skill that most everyone should be capable of.

In the wilderness you will find food, water, wood, and perhaps even abandoned pieces of equipment like cars that you can harvest metal and gasoline out of.

A truly crafty person can even make materials such as screwdrivers, hammers, knives, and spears out of what is found in the wild.


For those who are willing to survive at all costs and use their heads when it comes to survival, finding supplies in a SHTF scenario will be difficult but not even close to impossible.

Stay strong, work hard, and outsmart the competition. There will be no lack of resources for those who are resourceful.

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