The Art of Scavenging
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The Art of ScavengingThis show Dave talks about the art of scavenging and what to look for after the end. What items would be very useful after the grid goes down. If you happened to be moving through an area what common items could be worth more than gold that others may have over looked. These are items that most Preppers never think about because they are so common and cheap they are not stock piled but are vital and hard to come by in a crunch. Get ready to make a list of things you can use now and save for later in hard times.

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This is a must catch show because it leads into the very next show that will be a small group supply run. This is a first ever show that that has two parts and two hosts! Part one will be on 20 Jan with Dave, Prepping Up with The Jones’ and part two will be with Dane D. from Gunmetal Armory on Thursday night. On each show Dave and Dane will talk about how to move to your supply location securely. How to plan your trip, who should go, what you should look for and then how to get back to your personal “Green Zone.” Dave and Dane will tell you about traps along the way and what to look for so you are not a victim. They will talk about what to do if you find yourself in an ambush situation and how to escape the “Kill Zone”.

As always Dave will have the latest news, a funny story and most likely a mystery guest.

On 3 Feb Dave will be talking with Danny Santana from Biolite products. Danny has an amazing deal for all of Dave’s listeners so tune in to hear about this amazing product and how to scoop up on this deal.

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