August 9, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Survival Gear!
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Survival GearOn this episode we talk all things survival wear with Dustin Hogard. If you can’t survive with your everyday carry then you need to modify that everyday carry. I have tested a variety of survival bracelets, belts, micro kits and clothing. I have to say that my three day test of a Wazoo survival bracelet went off without a hitch.

We have talked about my micro 10 C’s kit and we will touch on those types of kits. We will also focus on making self-reliance items, an integral part of your daily life. Not just something you have to remember to put in your pocket.

10-11-16-20150410_160346I personally utilize a variety of self-reliance tools as wearable survival whether it be fire cord as replacement boot laces, a military bonnie with paracord and integral fishing kit and bug net, a variety of belts (leather- strop, web rigging belt- self rescue or Wazoo Cache belt- integral survival kit/money belt), paracord survival watch, survival bracelet and of course purpose built clothing.

In this show Dustin and I  work our way through Wazoo Survival Gear’s product line. We demonstrate how integrating some of these items into your EDC can take your preparedness to a whole new level. We start the night out talking about Wazoo’s brand new Cache belt which I have been testing the last week or so . While I didn’t get all of the survival implements with my belt as it was a demo version but looking over the video and seeing the list of what it can store will simply blow your mind (26 items in one of the kit options)! This belt is available on Kick Starter and runs anywhere from $25-$95.

10-11-16-14591879_1213409128681966_1977745975173105608_nAfter we talk about all of the features of their newest product offering we will start digging into some of their old staples including the Cache hat, survival bracelets, key chains and component kits. I have utilized one of their survival bracelets and it was the most form fitting and functional bracelet I have utilized to date. Their component parts are some of the most thought out and well put together micro survival elements.

I haven’t utilized one of their key chains but have had a survival FOB on my key chain for the last five years. The Cache Hat is one of their most interesting new offerings. It looks like the perfect place to stash an emergency blanket and a few credit card sized tools. A little more utility than my military style bonnie.
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