January 24, 2022


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Maintenance of Supplies & Equipment

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Maintenance of Supplies and Equipment
Host: Denob “The Prepared Canadian

Maintenance ep71-6Here in Canada, we experience a wide range of dangerous weather related emergencies. Some of these weather conditions will give us a bit of a heads up, such as the case with Hurricane Arthur. Some will be a complete surprise with only a moment’s notice at best as with a tornado. Others will have some advance warning in the form of a “possibility” like with the flooding in Saskatchewan.

Canada Superstorm SandyOf course, we canuks are used to winter events such as extreme cold, heavy snowfall, and ice storms, but summer time presents equally, if not more devastating weather. Although possibly more common with our American friends, Canada gets it’s fair share of tornadoes, and can also be affected by hurricanes. In fact, Canada will get about 60 tornadoes and be affected by an average of 2 to 3 hurricanes every year. All this is not to mention regional flooding caused by heavy rains or poor snow melting conditions.

Maintenance food storage roomWhether we have a warning or not, there are ways to prepare for such events. On a day to day basis, we should be looking at keeping our supplies stocked and gear maintained. When we have a bit of notice, we should kick into high gear and get everything that we can double checked and made as ready as it can be.

This week I’ll discuss regular maintenance of supplies and equipment, as well as last minute checking to make sure everything is as up to snuff as possible by topping off supplies, running and testing power equipment, and checking your homes and properties for repairs or just plain battening down the hatches.
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