March 3, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Self-defense and staying fed!

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Self-defense and staying fed!
Josh “The 7P’s of Survival

Self-defense and staying fedOver the last two weeks we have talked about firearms and alternatives to fire arms, this week we will talk about my personal selections when it comes to a long term self reliance kit. There will be firearms, traps and all kinds of goodies in the kit to keep you fed. I touched on this topic a few months ago when I talked about building a long-term self-reliance pack but this week I wanted to focus on the items that are specifically for self-defense or getting food.

3-22-16 h_beaverThese are my food getting preferred kit items for a multi-week trip into the back woods:
1) Single shot 12 gauge shotgun with chamber adapters (18- 12 ga rounds on the gun, 50- 22 lr rounds on the gun, bottle of primers, powder horn,
2) Taurus Tracker 44 Magnum five shot or a Semi-Auto revolver if dealing with a human threat and not animal predators
3) ~4” Fixed blade knife
4) Spear Point
5) Snare Wire
6) #12 and #36 Bank Line
7) Trapping Card
8) Two Yo Yo Spring Snare
9) Two foot traps
10) Three Body Traps
11) Gill Net
12) Small fishing kit

These are my preferred defensive weapons in the event of a civil breakdown or TEOTWAWKI:
1) AR platform Pistol (AK or SBAR OR Carbine if you prefer) with haversack full of magazines with varying ammunition (sling carry)
2) Long Range Rifle AR-10 is my personal choice (pack carry)
3) Defensive pistol I prefer 45ACP (belt holster or drop leg with knife)
4) Fixed blade knife
5) Baton

3-22-16 FB_IMG_1457483848003As you can see there are a major differences between being self-reliant in a deep wilderness environment and dealing with hostile human threats. There are all kinds of choices out there and I have detailed them over the last two weeks to the best of my ability but these are the two “kits” I would settle on given the particular situation. I look forward to your feedback and what your various kits would be made up from.
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