Sci-Fi Prepper Inventions!

Sci-Fi Prepper Inventions!
DirtyLew & Highlander “Tech Preps

Sci-FiHave you ever wondered where the ideas for these gadgets we use today came from? Have you ever owned a “Flip Phone?” Ever watched Star Trek created by Gene Rodenberry? Are you familiar with Jules Verne or Edward Bellamy? They are among many that have inspired our imagination with their visions turning sci-fi thoughts into reality. You may be one of Sci-Fi 111105043930-crump-gps-privacy-story-topthose that say what has this to do with prepping? These inventions range anywhere from mobile communications, tablets, handheld computing systems, weapons, to G.P.S. equipment and much more! Tune in to this show and find out how many of these sci-fi inventions you yourself use and would be grateful to have when a disaster strikes.
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