Illumination, High Tech & Low Tech

Illumination, High Tech & Low Tech
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IlluminationHave you thought about Illumination for preps, whether it be flash lights, gas lanterns, solar lights, and even chemical lights? The need for illumination in shtf go’s without saying, we have to have it. It seems as though the market has made leaps and bounds the past few years in this area. We have brighter, longer lasting lights, better batteries and more choices than ever.

8-1-16 FlashlightsOn this episode of Survival & Tech Preps we’re going to talk about flash lights that are affordable and some that are a little more on the expensive side. I will also go over fuel lanterns. Many preppers do not take these into consideration, and our ancestors have used these for centuries. It worked for them so why not us?

8-1-16 SolarLightThere are many choices when it comes to oil and fuel lamps. We will take a look at the various fuels and wick options and ways to keep light shining in shtf. I will also go over some solar lights and a few ideas that I have come up with personally to light your home or on the go with the power of the sun. There are some very inexpensive options out there and a few things you might not have even thought of.

There are many ways to generate light that you might not have thought of. As many of my listeners know I love history and will go over a few ways that they did it in ancient times and how it could still apply today. How about a few wind up lights that could prove invaluable in an shtf situation. These have come a long way in the past few years and are pretty cheap to purchase now and have multiple uses. So please tune in and as always questions are welcome!
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