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Knife Depot & Schrade KnivesOn this episode we talkwith Andrew from Schrade Knives, which are available from our new sponsor We talk about their new line of 2016 knives, if you have watched shot show coverage you might have seen a few.  A neat little bush crafting style knife the 2016 SCHF55 which is a Brian Griffin Design could be yours.

3-21-16 9_56d4cb4d0a6240.75543610This is a great knife for general bush crafting duties. If anyone knows me they know I love my knives and I can say this one is a winner. Tune in and come to our chat for a chance to win! I will also talk about a few other things regarding Schrade that I love and a little history I have of my own with their products. The company really stands behind their products, I have dealt with them in the past and they do not disappoint. They offer great quality knives at an affordable price. I have many of their blades, some new some old, and I like them all.

We will have a great time with Andrew who is very knowledgeable in the blade arena. Andrew also wants to discuss SCHF55 designed by Brian Griffin, the SCHF56L and SCHF56, as well as the SCH111 and SCH112 which are karambit styled blades. If you follow Schrade lately they are coming out with some exciting stuff, and always skirt the edge of design, they have some interesting makers and all around something for everyone.

I personally own a few of their large fixed blades, a few small ones, a few of the old uncle henry styles, which I still carry today. So whether you like old style or new there is one out there for you, so listen to the show and I guarantee it will be a good time!
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