Use of Dragons Breath In Shotguns

Use of Dragons Breath In Shotguns

Dragons breathDragons breath, to define it in the most precise way, it is a highly charged powder used in shotgun shells. This can be used with 12 gauge shotgun shells. Further, it can be said that it is an exotic flammable round that can not be used in auto-loading or semi-automatic shotguns.

It can really produce an enormous wall of fire that can extend about 35 yards. Dragons breath consists of magnesium/pellets or shards. There are number of leading suppliers of dragons breath in UK and around the globe.

When you shoot a 12 gauge shell of dragons breath, it shoots out a chemical which ignites and lights almost anything which comes into direct contact with the fire. It can be used to signal for rescue or for controlled burns, when it is shot directly into the air.

Dragon imagesWhen you fire a round with dragons breath, sparks and flames are shot out nearly 100 feet. It is completely safe to fire dragons breath rounds with most common shotguns; both cylinder bore and modified choke barrels. It has been banned in several states particularly areas which are more prone to wildfires.

The visual effect or impact produced by dragons’ breath is a truly entertaining and impressive one. Its effect is very similar to that of short-ranged fireworks. It’s personal use and manufacture has been banned in some areas; unless you have prior permission or authorization to possess. The manufacture and selling of Lycopodium is usually done under licence in most countries.

Dragon 436028_01_12ga_dragon_s_breath_rounds_640The shotgun shells of dragons breath are usually filled with zirconium alloy powder which is pressed into flakes or pellets. When the primer present in it is struck, it causes the zirconium to ignite and propels it from the barrel. This turns the shotgun into a short range flamethrower.

There is virtually no record of the use of dragons breath in actual combat. Even though, it has not been documented, it has been claimed by several enthusiasts that its rounds are often used as a distressing signal which is much similar to that of a short duration emergency flare gun.

At first sight, dragons breath seems like a novelty. The round is generally used by forest rangers for starting backfires and is also used by SWAT teams for the purpose of “diversionary tactics”.

To get more in-depth information or details on dragons breath and about its use, you can browse related websites online and collect information from there.

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  1. I like that you mentioned that when you shoot a 12 gauge dragon breath shell the flair would work as a distress signal in an emergency but that it also can provide entertainment. A friend of mine used to be really into shooting and he was especially interested in unique items, he would have loved these! I like to be prepared and to have some fun, so I can see how anyone that likes shooting would want to find a supplier that sells some!

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