May 16, 2022


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Gadgets The Prepper Might Forget!

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Gadgets The Prepper Might Forget!
Highlander “Survival & Tech Preps

6-27-16 gadgets 1When we prep we think we have everything we need, well.. maybe not. In this episode we will be all about prepper oriented gadgets. Maybe you have forgotten a few? Here’s a chance to add them to your list, or maybe you are prepared! We shall see what all you have thought of or not.

The need for gear is essential in a time where we do not have a corner store, or ebay or amazon. We have to be able to be self-sufficient with what we carry with us. I will mention a few gadgets that I have and a few I do not but plan on getting.

6-27-16 gadgets3It seems like the more we prep the more we miss, but hopefully this episode will make you think about what you currently have and what you should add to that ever growing check list. If you have watched previous shows you know I have talked about whether we should go high tech or low tech or somewhere in the middle. This show will be oriented toward all tech and all gadgets regardless of power, simplicity or use. As many of you know I love multiple use items that you can pack, I will talk about a few of those that you might not have thought of.

6-27-16 gadgets2I will also be focusing on more than just what you can carry in your Bob. If we just limit ourselves to what we can carry will not have very many preps. I will delve into what we can put in our bov, our bob, in our homes, and geo caching items.

The need to prep is seen in everyday life, the more and more violence, the more economic dangers, political ploys and so on. We have to see the need for this, so tonight I will try to help give you some tips and ideas of what all would help us on this journey. Enjoy the show!
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