March 3, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Alternatives to Firearms the Other Weapons!
Josh “The 7P’s of Survival

Firearms The AlternativesLast week we had an in depth discussion of firearms selection and this week we talk about some alternatives for our friends in countries not as firearm friendly, those in the dreaded CA or NY or those who simply are not able to get access to a firearm or chose to go another way.

We start the night talking about projectile weapons and end with more of a hand-to-hand style of combat weapon. Within each category of weapons I have researched several products which I have either used or believe to be an effective means of self-defense or means of securing game. We talk about air guns, blow guns, sling shots, spears, staff, nun-chucks, atlatl, bola, baton, explosives, percussion devices, sling, cross bows , sai, swords, nun chaku, trident, club, knife, machete, potato gun, throwing stick, boomerang, spear, tomahawk, axe, caltrop, throwing star, throwing knives, hammer, and maybe a few more varieties.

Also discussed, passive defensive systems (A.K.A. traps) with the understanding that many of these are illegal to put into practice unless there is a total breakdown of society. Many of these defensive implements were perfected by the North Koreans and Vietnamese and can be crafted with little more than a knife, cordage and a little common sense.
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2 thoughts on “Alternatives to Firearms!

  1. I think for me the best among the list is the crossbow you have the power and speed of a gun. The only problem with a crossbow is it is usually very heavy and it is not fast to load.

  2. If I was to choose one alternative, I would probably choose the airgun. It is almost comparable to the traditional guns.

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