E&E, SERE, & Covert Gear: Part 1

E&E, SERE, & Covert Gear: Part 1
Host: Dane… “The Gunmetal Armory” Audio player provided

E&E, SERE, & Covert Gear: Part 1When we talk about covert gear, covert weaponry, and covert action… the intent has to be the main focus. E&E and SERE are just easier to use to describe the entire scope of tactics that go into those categories… Though we won’t be able to cover every aspect of each one.

The various types of covert action depend on what type of action you are referring to, and what parts of History you look back into.

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If you look back in the past, you’ll read that the Spartans had a group called The Krypteia. Some experts believe the Kryptiea were a kind of secret police, and some experts believe it was just a test of skill. The single most well-known covert action group was the Japanese Ninja, and even the Koreans had a “version” of the Ninja known as Sulsa. Separating myth from historical record/fact is too big of an ask for our show, but its worth noting. Even during World War II, there were groups within the SOE & OSS that were highly trained to perform covert actions, assassination, and various other types of espionage.

To see what gear is worth owning, and what training is worth doing, we must look to the past, but be very aware of the future. What worked, what works now, what will work in the future? What gear was deployed throughout the ages, and what gear will need to be deployed in a specific situation? Are you in a new world that was hit with an EMP so infared and thermal vision tech are extremely unlikely to be deployed against you or are we in another type of disaster where this tech is still quite likely? What type of covert action do you need to perform? Sabotage, supply run, something else? What gear will you need? How should you dress?

And worse, what if you get caught… how do you escape? Do you know how to escape, do you know what gear will aid your escape or hinder it? Do you know how to hide the gear, and use it when you’re in custody? Do you know which type of custody is the easiest to escape from? Do you know how to defeat various types of locks, and various types of restraints? What about after you get free or when you’re on the run, do you know how to handle any problems you run into or better yet, do you know how to avoid those problems altogether and make it back to safety?

All these questions and more will be discussed in part 1 of E&E, SERE, & Covert Gear. While we cannot cover everything, I will answer as many of those questions as I can, discuss tactics and techniques, and I will have lots of gear recs for the “Covert Section” of your prepper armory. Join us this Thursday at 7pm pacific, just a few days before Christmas, and prepare for a massive information upload from the Gunmetal Armory.

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