January 24, 2022


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Dumpster Diving For Daily Living, Gardening, and Future Preps!
Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead

Dumpster DivingThis week Karen Lynn brings to all of you “Live” a Viking and Karen Lynn exclusive radio show! She will have her husband she calls the Viking on her show and they are going to be talking about “Dumpster Diving” and how they use the Viking’s finds in daily life and for future prepping purposes.  They have found an underwater camera, binoculars, and much more!  They used a bed frame to become a trellis in their garden, The Viking found a vanity chair and Karen Lynn re-furbished it.  One of the favorite finds was a rain suit that is currently stored in their Hurricane Emergency prep box.  They have found twine, wooden pieces from a mill, and many other items they use in gardening and help them to grow their food vertically.

Dumpster DivingThis is a great show for you to come into the chat room and share about any Dumpster Diving finds you may have found and how you are using them currently or for future preps.

Any time you can save money and keep more money in your wallet to put towards your future preparations that is always a great thing too!

Dumpster DivingDo you enjoy dumpster diving or do you have a knack for finding stuff?

Have you found prepper items that can help your preps become more complete?  Some of their favorite finds was their Swedish Alcohol burner stove, first aid kits, and even camping equipment including sleeping bags, and mesh kits!

Come join Karen Lynn and the Viking in the chat room this week they can’t wait to discuss all of their favorite finds with all of you and they want to hear about your finds too!
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