Conceal Carry the SCOTTeVEST

Conceal Carry the SCOTTeVEST
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Conceal Carry the SCOTTeVESTAs per my last show the grayman and concealment, this little invention is a great way to perform those acts with ease! If you are familiar with the company SCOTTeVEST you know they make vests, jackets, hoodies, pants, and shirts that conceal many items. Unique for concealing almost anything they have a wide variety of different types of vests that can fit your need.

Products include Drone Pilot wear, Photography, Dog Lovers, Geocaching, Outdoor Enthusiast, Parents, Professionals, Travelers’ and Tech Enthusiasts!

There is something for everyone and I am glad this company is going to join us on this program. Many in the prepping community will find the items their after with the gear they sell! Here is a little of their own words: Since 2000, SCOTTeVEST has revolutionized the clothing industry with a very simple idea: people need more (and “smarter”) pockets! If you find yourself needing to carry certain emergency preparedness items on you on a daily basis, or you do a lot of hiking and traveling and hate having to dig through your pack to get to your food and water — then SCOTTeVEST is your solution! Wear a SCOTTeVEST once and you’ll understand all the detail that goes into creating fully-functional fashion designed for your life.

Tonight I will be talking with them and asking them various questions and letting them explain what they have invented. I think it will be a great show for all of the new prepper’s and old alike. Tey fit right in with the grayman situation I talked about a couple weeks ago. Nothing is better than having gear you need hidden in plain sight!

You should check out their site at very cool stuff! The need for this equipment is great and we cannot be to quiet, but with this we can. Even if you are not a prepper and just someone who wants to keep his gear silent it is a great way to do so! Let’s explorer this great invention! Enjoy the show as always questions are welcome!
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