December 8, 2021


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What is your bug out plan?

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What is your bug out plan?
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What is your bug out plan?What is your bug out plan? I know what mine is! Do you have one? Or are you counting on being able to bug in and rely on your preps? If so I have some bad news for you, you might be in trouble! The need for a plan B, C and D are essential for your preps. Backups to backups as we say in the computer industry. I have places I can go that have food and water and available land for planting and hunting and trapping and fishing, do you?

6-6-16 bugoutbag-500x276In this episode I will talk about what your plan should include, whether it is going to a BOL, on the road or if you do not have a place to go and forced to retreat into the woods. I will go over a few key aspects of what I have planned and maybe build on your plan a bit as we go. I have often said that people without a backup plan might as well not be a prepper in the first place, we always should cover our backs and prepare for any scenario, whether it be a natural disaster, bomb, terrorist, and end of the world event, what have you.

If you plan on living then I would suggest you have proper preps at home and a good place to go that can provide you with not only food but security, personally I have a little place in the mountains that I can go that is pretty remote and no one can stumble upon it easy, do you have something similar? I will try to list the essential steps you need to prepare a bug out and what you should take with you, and what you should not, remember when bugging out weight is something that you have to be concerned about, so hopefully we can come to a conclusion of what we should have with us in case of this. So enjoy the show and questions are always welcome!
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