January 29, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Packs Selection!
Josh “The 7P’s of Survival

Packs SelectionOn this program we discuss pack selection for a variety of carry options from every day carry to bug out bag to long term self-reliance kit to hunting pack. I have been fortunate enough to utilize most of the options below; some with great success and other now merely collect dust. I will give you my thoughts on each type of packs and where each excels and where they falter. I mostly avoid talking about brands but when there has been a truly bad or great experience those will be talked about to help you avoid spending money where it simply isn’t worth the investment.

So what types of packs are we going to talk about:

  1. 4-12-16Pocket Carry
  2. Hip Pouch
  3. Bottle Bag Modification
  4. Haversack
  5. Sling Satchel
  6. Messenger Bag/ Laptop Bag
  7. Blanket Roll
  8. Sling Backpack
  9. Dry Bag
  10. School Backpack
  11. Roycraft Pack
  12. Molle Vest with attachments
  13. Heavy-Duty Bushcraft style Backpack
  14. Hunting Pack

There is a whole lot of information to cover but hopefully a few of you will call in or join me in chat and we can provide coverage of a few of your pack and what you use them for. I started out making general preparedness kits and transitioned into more of a self-reliance type of kit so I will to look at each type of pack from both perspectives as well as EDC.
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