December 2, 2022


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Emergency Bag Basics!

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Emergency Bag Basics
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Emergency Bag BasicsSo here it is. What do you keep in your emergency bag? Are you carrying items that are necessary for you and your family. In our household we have a bag for each individual. Do you? Do the children and the adults know how to use whats in their bag?

Yes, this is a common discussion for any prepper. But a very important one that can save you in a critical situation. Our bags have helped us even with every day living.

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You can never be to ready for a Natural disaster, Power Outage, Severe Weather, Injury or even a grid down situation. An emergency bag is something every household, from every walk of life should have. Fire starter, water filtration, emergency blanket, spare clothes…. What do you keep in your bag?

Join us in this classic discussion, with a question that has a different answer for each individual. We will be discussing contents of an adult bag versus the contents of a child’s bag. What age should have different items and what should be the same all the way across the board. This is also something that as a family you can build together. As a group you can decide what each individual will carry. Help us figure out what will work best for you. School bag, car bag, home bag, everyday bag. What will you build your emergency bag for? How many bags do you have?

Join us in chat for an open discussion on anything emergency bag. May even have a special Treat in store for you. Adults, Parents, College students,Teens, Children, this show is for each of you. I would love to hear at least 2 items each individual thinks is needed in their bag. Ask your children, what do they think is important to have in their bag. Remember there is no wrong answer.

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