Battle Horse Knives… all about knives

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Battle Horse Knives… all about knives
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Tonight’s Show is all about knives! We will have Dan Coppins the owner of Battle Horse Knives ( Battle Horse Knives... all about kniveson the show to talk about some of his great knives and outdoor gear. We will be covering how he got into knife making, A company history and explanation of the makers marks you may see, the knife making process, how you can witness and learn the process first hand, The Pathfinder Series of Knives, The brand new and highly innovative tree frog knife, spotlight several products that I love but you may not have heard of and then close the night learning about some of the future plans for Battle Horse Knives!

For those who may not know Battle Horse Knives (formerly Blind Horse Knives when Dan and L.T. Wright were partners) is based out of Ohio and offers 100% made in the USA products that are among the best quality in the world. BHK is without a doubt one of my favorite knife makers and I often carry their PLSK1 for hunting season and their Short Trail neck knife is with me regardless of where I’m at in the world. BHK is a family owned business, if not by blood, then by Christ.  They have enjoyed serving their customers since 2007 by building high quality, handcrafted knives at a fair price.  BHK is so sure you will love their knives that they back it with a lifetime repair, replacement or refund policy. Their replacement policy will cover any manufacturer defect or normal wear and tear (Blind Horse Knives can be returned to L.T. Wright Knives or BHK for Warranty Service).

So what are some of those great products that Battle Horse Knives puts out that I love so much?

The Pathfinder Series of Knives 8-18-15 20150813_134457_resized( This series of knives is without a doubt among the best on the market for long-term self-reliance. The PLSK1 paired with the PLSK2 are a tandem that are very hard to beat for a long-term kit. While I haven’t had a chance to use the Scout I hear very good things about the knife.

8-18-15 tree frogTree Frog ( ) : This new folding knife is one
of the most innovative knives to come to the outdoor knife market in a very long time, A folding backup knife that can be used to baton wood with if needed. This knife is the monthly special and is on sale for $170.00 right now. If you haven’t seen it in action you can find a review by Dave Canterbury on his YouTube channel where he makes a bow drill set and batons some poplar with this knife.

Spear Point ( I haven’t got to use this product yet but have a friend who has one and spears by it as a backup strapped to the back of his PLSK1. I love the utility of the design, its many uses and the fact that it can sit behind your primary knife and you will barley know it’s there until you need it.

Annual Renegade Program ( BHK offers this unique program in which for $25.00 annually you get 10% off each regular priced project, a collectors badge, entered into a monthly drawing to win knives and gear, option to test out knives in pass-a-round program, buy knives not offered to the public, invitation to outings and free admission to The Battle of the Blades Knife Show.

So bring all of your knife making and product questions into chat or feel free to call into the show as we would love to hear from each of you! This week’s survival skills challenge will be in the area of fire craft once again, be sure to tune in live to learn more and be among the first to see the video for the week!
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