August 17, 2022


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Short Term Long Term Urban Survival

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Short Term Long Term Urban Survival
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Short Term Long Term Urban SurvivalShort Term Long Term Urban Survival kicks off our month on EDC and Urban Survival we are going to really hammer down what is meant when we talk about urban survival. The truth is, the idea has many meanings and its important that we understand them. How one person might prepare to for urban survival could be totally different than another, though they are both surviving in an urban environment.

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It might be a strange way of looking at it but urban survival is both what hurricane survivors face as well as what the people of war torn Syria are facing. They are both struggling in an urban environment. So what differentiates is the duration. If we assume that loss of critical services and disaster equates urban survival then it all comes down to duration.

Short term is something you prepare for very differently than long term. That is just the reality of both of these. You may not need most of the things for short term that you do for long term. Its also, not nearly as bleak an outlook.

Long term urban survival is in part, the hope of recovery. You are cut off from the world and left to scavenge the remains as well as protect what’s yours. This is a terrible outlook but one that could come to be. Its not that far removed from some of the bombed out areas in Syria, as we mentioned earlier.

Lets open up this UrbanSurvival Themed month with a discussion the topics of short term and long terms survival. There are some serious differences but succeeding in both realms is very important to all. As always if you have thoughts, questions or concerns don’t hesitate to join the live chat room or call in to the live show.

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