Survival Shelters Handbook Book Review
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Survival SheltersI received The Complete Survival Shelter Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide to Building Lifesaving Structures for Every Climate and Wilderness Situation. The author (Anthonio Aakkermans) is in Europe making it very impractical for him to be on this live program. Instead, this show we go through the book chapter by chapter. We talk about each type of shelter discussed in the book and provide my input on their design and practical application.

Survival SheltersYou can survive a couple a months or more without food and a few days without water, but in some cases, you would be lucky to survive one night without shelter. With structures ideally suited for any weather condition, this book presents emergency shelter designs built from a variety of elements. Included 100% gathered items, a combination of natural and store-bought supplies and even durable construction materials.  The author offers helpful tips and techniques for mastering your shelter-building skills. Also tutorials on how to make basic tools, bedding, mattresses and other items to increase shelter comfort.

You can pick up your copy of the book here (LINK) for just $10.85 and at that price it is a steal even as a refresher course. The book covers: rock shelters, Debris hut, lean-to, bent sapling shelter, snow cave, subterranean shelter, scandinavian lavvu, ger/yurt, basha/tarp shelters and much more.  We will talk about each of these shelters, provided tips and tricks I have 4 learned over time and much more.
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