August 9, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Cache You Stash
Host: The Prepared Canadian
CacheAs preppers, we all know the importance of keeping essential supplies on hand. Everything from food and water to fuel and toilet paper is bought, preserved, and carefully tucked away waiting for that event that denies us the ability to easily buy what we need on a day to day basis. Many preppers designate rooms in their homes that get lined with shelving and filled with boxes, ammo cans, buckets, barrels and cases of supplies. But what happens when you need to leave that stash of supplies? How much can you fit into your bug out vehicle, get outta dodge bag, or worse yet, what if your home, and your supplies are directly hit by disaster? Enter the survival cache.

CacheA survival cache is simply a hidden storage space filled with supplies you may need. Perhaps you want to hide some supplies along a route to your bug out location like fuel for your vehicle and food for your family. Maybe you want to hide your supplies at your survival retreat to keep them safe from looters. Maybe you’re just short on space in your home and need to find a way to get some extra storage without applying for permits and spending thousands on an addition to your home.

If you had to leave your supplies behind in a bug out situation, how and where would you store some basic gear and supplies? The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination. This week, I have some great ideas about hiding your supplies. From 4” PVC tubes with only a few basics to complete survival stashes of hundreds of cubic feet, there are multiple solutions that are easy, affordable, and as covert as anything you could imagine. We’ll look at where to hide your caches, what to make them out of, and how to keep others from finding them unless, of course, maybe you want them to.
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