August 14, 2022


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Buying Land for Survival or Other Uses

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Buying Land for Survival or Other Uses
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Buying Land for Survival or Other UsesThere is on thing on the planet that we simply cannot produce more of and that is land. In fact, if the sea levels rise, as much as scientists are predicting, then we are going to have less land. To me there seems to be few investments out there as strong as buying land. This is because, no matter the circumstance that land is going to have value and, in most cases, that value is going to grow. The other wonderful thing about land, is that you never know how much its going to grow. If a company decides they want your land, you might consider taking that hefty pay off for your land.

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There are ways that you can get land for cheap and if you are willing to move you might even be able to get land free! Yea, that’s right. You gotta plan to love there a while but you can get that land for free in some places. It all depends on what your motivations are. How important are your self-reliance and preparedness goals in conjunction with your family, career and life goals? It shouldn’t be all prepping. You need a balance.

In this show we are going to talk about he benefits of owning land and how you can own a piece of your own for hunting or maybe even for building that bugout retreat. In most cases it comes down to getting into the market and paying attention. The deals will come but if you are willing go the extra mile you might get land long before you ever thought it possible.

Imagine waking up and heading out in the dark of night to hunt your own little piece of heaven. Maybe you even have a little trailer out there or a log cabin. While it may seem impossible, its just a matter of priority and ingenuity. I haven’t got there yet but I belief its something that is coming sooner rather than later.

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