November 30, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Do You Have Self Reliant Strategies in Place For The Dangerous World We Live In?
Host: Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead

Due to mix up in guest schedule and a great save by our host Karen of Lil’ Suburban Homestead this show is primarily about Winter Preps with Open Chat and a show well worth listening to in player below. 

Hopefully we will have intended guest reschedule. Keep an eye out on Lil’ Suburban Homestead show page HERE!

Strategies author-sb-rrInterview with Robert Richardson

Karen Lynn’s guest on her show this week not only wrote   The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide- Self-Reliance Strategies For A Dangerous World but he’s also an expert in this field. They will be discussing topics from Soup to Nuts Related to survival in this case that means from Situational Awareness, Surviving Natural Disasters and even diving into topics like Surviving Crime and Violent Situations.

Strategies ultimatesituationalsurvivalRobert is the not only the author of The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide but he is also the   founder and writer at Off Grid Survival, one of the top emergency preparedness/survival websites online and on top of it all he is a preparedness and survival training expert with over 20 years of real-world experience.

Have you thought about what you would do if violence erupted around you while you were out at a major sporting event or even if you are traveling?

Have you identified threats to your neighborhood or surrounding area?

Have you thought about the break down in our current food and even communication systems?

Strategies survivalguide1Karen Lynn will have Robert Richardson respond to questions like these and more!  This will be a show that could potentially be covering lifesaving topics for you and your family!

Rob is also an avid outdoorsman who hunts and fishes so when he is not working on preparedness topics he is wandering off to remote regions for some of the best fishing and hunting to read about his adventures click here!

Make sure to tune in this week to learn new ways to plan for an emergency or natural disaster in the future.  This show is going to be packed with great information and Karen Lynn can’t wait and hopes you join us all in the chat room and or call in to ask Robert questions this is your chance to get your survival questions answered!
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