May 10, 2021


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Primitive Skills Expert Mike Douglas

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Primitive Skills Expert Mike Douglas
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Primitive Skills Expert Mike DouglasOn this episode of Herbal Prepper Live, Michael Douglas of the Maine Primitive Skills School is back. Mike is a treasure trove of information on primitive skills. Every prepper and survivalist would be served by acquiring primitive skills. Enable you to thrive even if you have to leave your supplies behind.

10-2-16-mike-douglasMike just got back from training with the Saami tribe in remote Sapmi, Sweden.  Mike is working with the Sami of Sapmi in present day Sweden to revive their cultural tools in the context of our modern society. I’m sure he will have some incredible stories to pass along from this trip.

Michael Douglas is a Registered Maine Guide.  His passion for nature, awareness, tracking, primitive skills, and philosophy, has taken him around the globe in search of teachers and opportunities to learn new skills. He is a former student of Paul Rezendes, Tom Brown Jr., Jon Young, and many others.

10-2-16-mike-douglas-2Mike’s passion for both learning and teaching “primitive” techniques has earned him a unique reputation. Known widely in the scouting community also among professional educators. After pursuing survival skills as a U.S Marine, he started his own Survival School. The school was founded in 1989 at the University of Maine.  In 1993 he was the recipient of the Marion Rich Waterman Mayer Award from the University of Maine College of Education.

10-2-16-mike-bioSince then he has been a consultant for Discovery Channels’ “Dual Survivor”,  also featured on National Geographics’ “Doomsday Preppers”. There he received the highest “Survivability Score” of the shows first season. He has also coached reality television participants on Naked and Afraid. Mike has been a mentor to college students, professors, professional educators, Eagle Scouts, and television personalities.

His apprenticeship program is internationally known, offering participants from all over the world. Also immersion in Tracking, Survival, Awareness, Bow Making, Wild Edibles, Medicinal Plants, Hunting, Trapping, and much more.  August, 2016 will mark this school’s 27th year of sharing skills with people globally. Mike directly trains the apprentices, and instructors at the school as well as a consultant in educational, corporate and entertainment venues.

Mike credits his patient wife Karen and his children, Ryan, Dakota, and Emily, with their love and support in helping him realize his lifelong dream, along with teaching outdoor skills to all levels from beginners to military instructors of the craft.
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