August 9, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Nicole Apelian from History Channels Alone!

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Nicole Apelian from History Channels Alone
Josh “7P’s of Survival

Nicole Apelian from History Channels AloneThis week we will have Nicole Apelian from History Channels Alone on the show and we will be talking about her life’s journey leading up to her choice to take part in ALONE. Once we learn a little about her background we will dig into what she decided to take on the show, why she made those decisions and why she thought they would be most effective.

Nicole grew up in Massachusetts and,6-5-16 1237680_10201854193746576_569159510_nthrough the influence and mentor-ship of her stepfather, connected with nature at an early age. After receiving her Master’s Degree in biology, Nicole became a game warden with the U.S. Peace Corps, and began tracking and researching lions in southern Africa. Later, while working as a field biologist in Botswana, she got her first real exposure to true wilderness living. It was there, in Africa, working with the Bushmen and completing her doctorate, where she was able to learn many of the primitive skills that she practices and teaches today.

6-5-16 1947719_10203068672707791_280504686_nDiagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2000, she now makes her home in the Pacific Northwest and relies on the local plants as part of her healthy living strategy. This diagnosis changed her lifestyle and eating habits, but didn’t deter her from becoming one of the founders and primary guides of her own tracking and wildlife safari company, Eco Tours International, as well as being an adjunct professor at Prescott College. There, she is able to bring her passion for nature connection, indigenous knowledge, and research to her students.

6-5-16 12744368_830230453773136_4011679753772442505_nShe also continues her work with the Bushmen to help them find strategies to preserve their traditions, and is currently cataloging indigenous plant uses with a community of Naro Bushmen who regard her as family. While on the island, Nicole will miss her home, but will gain strength from thinking about her two sons, boyfriend, wonderful community, and trusty guitar (which she wishes she could bring with her!) back home. She is grateful for all her mentors and supporters and is sure to channel them when facing the many challenges that await her on Vancouver Island.

Here are the ten items Nicole selected to bring on her survival journey to Vancouver Island:

  1. Full Tang curved carbon steel knife with maple handle
    2. Ferro rod
    3. 16-inch stainless steel pan
    4. 200 yards of 30 lb test fishing line, 100 yards of 80 lb test fishing lines and hooks
    5. Folding saw
    6. 23-inch splitting ax
    7. -30° rated sleeping bag
    8. Gill net
    9. Emergency rations
    10. Emergency rations

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3 thoughts on “Nicole Apelian from History Channels Alone!

  1. Wonderful interview, Josh! You seem like such a kind person. Let’s not forget when discussing the “advantages” that Nicole had out there that not only was she diagnosed with MS but she also continues to thrive out there with what I imagine to be only a fraction of the muscle mass of guys like Randy and Justin. That surely evens out the playing field, no?

    Keep up the good work.

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