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Jose From History Channel Alone!

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Jose From History Channel Alone 
Josh “7P’s of Survival

Jose From History Channel AloneThis week we will have Jose Martinez Amoedo from History Channel Alone on the show and we will be talking about his life’s journey leading up to his choice to take part in ALONE on The History Chanel. Once we learn a little about his background we will dig into what he decided to take on the show, why he made those decisions and why he thought they would be most effective. Jose presently resides in a native village in the Yukon Territory, Canada, however, he is originally from Galicia, the Celtic northwest part of Spain.

6-28-16 12814689_1712984835643232_3873379704235461402_nJose first became interested in wilderness survival after reading Jack London’s “The Call of the Wild,” and fostered his skills when he joined the Special Forces of the Spanish Foreign Legion. He began learning bush craft and primitive technology from the best mentors he could find, as well as practicing with Native American elders from the Arctic to the tropics. In 1996, he was formally adopted by the Lakota Nation, which is one of the proudest moments in his life. He has traveled extensively, testing and acquiring new skills in many different environments and honing the skills to live on the land in a balanced, harmonious and sustainable way. Jose hopes to use his abilities not just to survive, but to thrive in the Vancouver Island wilderness. He will be away from his wife and son, who are his main sources of inspiration.

5-24-16 imagesEach episode of “Alone” features the nerve-wracking thrill of watching individuals face the fury of Mother Nature while plunging into a state of isolation unimaginable in today’s hyper-connected world. These participants must battle everything from territorial black bears and cougars, to punishing winds and incessant rain. Determined to thrive in any environment, many of the men and women on the second season display incredible ingenuity by building elaborate creations such as a functioning stove, gravity-fed plumbing system, primitive weapons, boats, and much more.

Here are the ten items Jose selected to bring on his survival journey to Vancouver Island:
1. Bushcraft knife
2. Ferro rod
3. 2 quart cast iron pot with lid
4. 300 yards of fishing lines and 25 assorted hooks
5. 1-piece handsaw
6. Ax
7. Canvas and flannel sleeping bag
8. Gill net
9. Woodworking multi-tool
10. Emergency rations
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  1. If you read the Alone items list you will see a life vest is given out to all contestants to use if they go into or over water, similar to the pepper spray and horn. Safety items are not counted towards their 10 items.

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