January 26, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Instincts, realizing and the uses!

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Instincts TigerPrepping, realizing our natural instincts! The natural instinct to prepare, to be aware of what is happening around us is inherent in every living creature on this planet. However, man like no other living organism has the ability to modify his instinct without knowing he is doing so. Animals exist, survive, and thrive on their instincts. While man not only exists with the will to survive and thrive he also looks to consciously learn and expand the knowledge he has to better the conditions in which he lives. As man progresses his instinct regresses, replaced by the tools and toys he has created in an effort to improve his existence. Man now lives with instincts that have been modified with that which he has created leaving him with the core roots of his instincts buried within his own progress. Realizing this is the first and most important step to self reliance and self sustainability. Understanding you have hidden instincts is the first step in exercising and making them work to your advantage as they were intended..

Natural instinct is the best resource a Prepper has available when recognized and acted on as they were originally intended at birth. Unfortunately our original instincts have changed as a result of  progress and technology, existing only in the shadows of our mind and are often overlooked or felt as a fleeting thought passing through our subconscious. Because of this, self imposed limits are set to what we can do or what we should be doing. To better grasp the effects we must first understand instincts and what they are.

instincts eagleInstincts are behaviors performed without thought or prior experience. Not to be confused with a reflex, such as blinking of the eyes, or scratching an itch, instincts are more complex. Instinct in animals tell that animal when to hunt, what game to hunt, and how to hunt. It will tell the animal when water is near or how to get to that water. This behavior in animals does not change but instead is practiced and perfected. As with all creatures we are born with inherent instincts for survival. Building a home, having children, treating ourselves when ill, or procuring food for the dinner table are all actions resulting from the instincts we have within ourselves.

What separates us from the rest of God’s creatures is the ability to modify or completely disregard the patterns of behavior we were born with. Examples of these modifications might be harvesting of tress to build a house rather than living in a cave, driving a car rather than walking, or the corner grocery store verses foraging or hunting. Progress may be a term more associated with these actions but the end result is still the modification of our natural instincts.

For a moment let’s look at the tools we use. Instinct allows us to see and make use of tools. Long ago before being inundated with progress we would have cut our meat with a chip of obsidian or captured that deer in the forest with a trap. Progress has not only led us to the discovery of tools which make these things easier but has also cost us the knowledge of how to create and make use of the things that surround us in nature to accomplish the same thing.

the ultimate prepper will also have and practice their natural instincts

Prepping for most is instinct modified. These Preppers will feel secure as long as their supplies last and their tools stay sharp. However the ultimate prepper will also have and practice their natural instincts. They will have the advantage in surviving when their supplies run out knowing how to hunt, gather, and make their tools from the natural resources surrounding them.

bugoutWhen catastrophe strikes it is seldom short term but more often will last longer than imagined. How often have you watched on as a grief stricken area suffered for months rather than weeks or weeks rather than days as thought it would? Remember the great depression? The depression of 1929  lasted until 1941. Will your supply of goods last the 12 years the great depression did. What if you had the instincts to survive a disaster when your supplies ran out. I’m not talking about the will to live but rather the instincts that you have within you that you may be unaware of or have ever practiced.

Most Preppers will store food, water, money whatever commodity they feel will get them through hardship or disaster they feel is most likely to occur and disrupt their daily routine. While in some cases, this may be all that is needed, there will be a time for many if not everyone that much more will be required in order to survive. As mentioned earlier the great depression lasted 12 years. What was not mentioned was the fact that Federal, State, local government as well as local community were there with relief. This will not be the case should another catastrophe of magnitude happen again. With our current population and the lack of resources there simply will not be enough money, food or help to go around and the result will be more devastating than the event that brought it about.

Keep prepping, store your food, water and the tools you need but while doing this take the time to work with your natural instincts. Practice survival with absolutely nothing but what was given you at birth. It’s possible to do this and was proven when man first walked. Those that can find within themselves the natural instincts for survival, practice and work with these instincts now will stand a much better chance of survival when SHTF .


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