August 9, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Horror in the Bunker
Host: Jacqueline Druga “Apocalypse Nana

Bunker 01-doomsday-bunkersThe flash occurs followed by a timpani boom, a nuclear explosion rocks your city, that is one scenario. Or Alien invasion, forcing you into hiding. Any type of scenario that places you into a locked down, hunker room with family, friends or both, is bound to cause problems. Whether you are a master prepper or build an expedited shelter. Things will and can go awry.

The heat will be unbearable at times, so will the cold. Food will have to be rationed, and of course fear sets in. We won’t even discuss if there is Radiation sickness without a proper bathroom or ventilation. From cabin fever to a lord of the flies world, you must be prepared. If you have seen the movie The Divide, that depicts the most darkest of horror situations.

Bunker jasonThis week’s episode deals with potential horrors that we can face while in the bunker. We will talk about bunker survival, what to do, what to look for and what if situations. We also feature first time guests to the show who will discuss the topic with us.

We have author and podcaster, Jason White. Jason White lives in Central Ontario, Canada with his longtime girlfriend, their two cats and one dog. He has over fifteen short stories published in various magazines and anthologies. In his spare time, he enjoys watching horror movies, tasting beers and red wines, playing with his “pack,” and reading, of course. A Canadian, eh?

You can also learn more about Jason on his website.

Also with us is the unique Gabrielle Faust. Internationally renowned author Gabrielle Faust is best known for her vampire series ETERNAL VIGILANCE. Her previous work has also included three collections of poetry, BEFORE ICARUS AFTER ACHILLES, CROSSROADS and THE BEGINNING OF NIGHTS, the novella REGRET, the celebrated dark fantasy adventure novel REVENGE, and the vampire novel THE LINEAGE. She was also the chief editor and a contributor of the vampire anthology HIGH STAKES. Her work has appeared in the sites SciFi Wire, Fatally Yours, Examiner, Doorways Magazine and Fear Zone, as well as various anthologies and magazines. Gabrielle is a respected member within the vampire community, and has received numerous awards and accolades. She is currently a Staff Writer for Gothic Beauty Magazine and is the present Marketing Director for Permuted Press. More information about Gabrielle Faust and her work can be found on her website

When we asked her about her readiness for disaster, she had this to say, “Well, to be honest, I’m pretty bad at keeping a “disaster plan” around in case anything goes awry. It’s hard enough for me to remember to keep food in the fridge on a normal night. I do think it is important however to keep, if your budget allows, the necessary survival items to weather out at least two weeks after a natural disaster.”

We promise to not only deliver some really fun interviews, but we also promise to ask the ‘what if’ questions no one else would dare to.

Don’t miss this fun filled, exciting and informative show.
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