August 9, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Hard times, disabilities and difficulties! A goat turd sling shot?

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This week on The Crooked Path to Preparedness we are going to discuss prepping through hard times, disabilities and difficulties.
Life is always throwing something at us and sometimes it seems like we just can’t get our head above water and focused on what we need to do to be more prepared.  We get to the point where we say “Well I will start prepping next week after this crisis happens” or “I will just have to put it aside until this problem passes by”.  There will always be another problem or difficulty – it called LIFE.
We are going to discuss several problem, issues and difficulties that people, including Sissy Bob, have had to work through.  The bright side is for every problem you work through before a real SHTF situation happens the more prepared and equipped you will be to deal with SHTF.
Make sure and check out the latest Hillbillypreppergals video to find the shoutout of the week.  The person that calls in with it before I do the shout out will win their choice of a goat turd sling shot or a book.

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