June 24, 2021


Self reliance and independence

“The Walking Dead” Dead World Truth
Host: Jackie “Apocalypse Nana

Dead  AMC_TWD_Gallery__Zombie_Gallery_28521.jpgThis week, America’s favorite post-apocalyptic podcast takes on America’s #1 television show in a once in a lifetime, can’t miss Zombie spectacular! This Thursday, The Apocalypse Nana Show presents “The Walking Nana”! This week, join Jackie, Dom and Rob as they welcome Ripley and Code Name: Bestrafen formerly of the website “Spoil the Dead“, to talk about the upcoming mid-season premiere of AMC’s hit show, “The Walking Dead”!

2-2-15 spoiler-alertStrap in for excitement because you’ll get SPOILERS and behind the scenes info that you won’t hear anywhere else and exclusively on Apocalypse Nana! Ripley and Bestrafen will bring with them the hottest gossip from the set of the series, speculation about the future of the series, and so insight into cable’s top show that you have never heard before! Which cast member did Norman Reedus get fired from the show, and why? Why are Glenn scenes routinely cut from episodes? Plus, we’ll learn interesting information from original episode scripts, back stories on some of the characters viewers may never have known, and more!

Look for cool Zombie survival tips, as well.

2-2-15 mysteryAdditionally, our crack team of hosts will also share their favorite moments from the show’s past seasons, the twists that shocked them, and the characters that left them broken-hearted! As always, we want to hear from you as well! Call in to the show and be a part of the discussion, or log in to our live chat and talk with fellow fans about all the hoopla! Plus, Rob will present the three moments from the show’s history that terrified him the most, and we want to know if you agree!

2-2-15 zombie-survival-08_25_10-0Remember to call in or join the chat if you have any questions or comments for Ripley, Bestrafen, Jackie, or the crew, and tune in this Thursday, at 9PM EST, and be a part of the podcast that’s sweeping the post-apocalyptic nation! The Apocalypse Nana Show is a proud partner of the Prepper Broadcasting Network!
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