Confessions in the Bunker
Host: Jacqueline Druga “Apocalypse Nana

11-19-14 confessionsThey say confession is good for the soul, but it is good in a live or die situation? Many people when faced with dire consequences and feel that they probably won’t make it decide to bare their souls. They confess. They confess on their deathbed, when faced with danger. They confess to feel better or even to secure a place on the good side of the pearly gates. This week on the Apocalypse Nana show we talk about how far would people go to cleanse their soul if they thought they were going to die.

11-19-14 bunkerIf you were in a bunker situation, no escape, zombies all around you, you know you are gonna die. How deep would you dig into your skeleton bag if you believed it as going to be your salvation in death. Would you bare all? Would you hold back, just on the outside chance you make it. Do you judge others who confess.

We take the liberty of talking about what kind of confessions people would make in the bunker. Murder, intimate secrets, infidelity. We will present our guests with different secrets and ask them if they would confess such secrets, plus we will be reading anonymous secrets submitted from listeners. It’s not only talk about secrets it is purge your being night.

11-19-14 sean11-19-14 danfordWith us we have the cool duo from the Writer’s Bone Podcast and Website. Sean Tuohy and Daniel Ford. Daniel Ford is an author based out of Boston, Mass. His work can be found on and Ford once performed as the Cowardly Lion in an eighth grade production of the “Wizard of Oz.” Sean Tuohy currently resides in Boston, Mass., and is working on his next screenplay. His love of pop culture and films scares small children. Tuohy once worked as a professional clown.

These are fun and comical guys and we look forward to a great time. Don’t forget to tune in.
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